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Andreas – Privat photo session

The story

Andreas reached out and asked for a private photo session. He wanted to have a photo gallery with various elegant pictures. Andreas made it clear that he wanted to look sharp and would "dress up" and that his Mercedes car would be ready to participate in the photo shoot.

Although he is the main subject of the photographs, in most of them his car plays an important secondary role. Thanks to that, we slowly tell a story. Through the photographs, we create the basis for a story that can end as the viewer wants it to end.

It didn't take long to scout out a great location and the weather was on our side.

The overcast day created a beautiful soft light over the model and landscape which worked in favor of the moody tones we were looking for in the cutting room.  Andreas was extremely satisfied with the end result.

The final product

Click on one of the images to launch a “Lightbox” navigation view.

The quality of the photographs has been drastically degraded in exchange for a good navigation experience on the website.

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